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This is a sample portfolio for you to see products and pricing for portrait sessions with us!  Please explore and click on images in the 'preview images' folder to learn more!  :)

Thank You!

...for coming to Keywest Photo!  This is your online portfolio with us for this, and any future sessions we do for you!  You can browse images, download bonus content, and share your access information with anyone you'd like to show these images to.  And when you are ready with your print order, you can pay securely online and we will take it from there! Don't wait too long though - your images will be available online for a limited time!

Order with confidence!

When you order prints and other products from us, they are guaranteed for life!  We use the best archival materials so your images are sharp and vibrant for generations.  Nearly all printed product you order form us is retouched by our artists.  Lines, shines, blemishes, "clothing bulk", etc, are all taken care of beautifully!

Have questions?

Everything you need to complete your order is here in your portfolio!  But we are only a call or a message away!  Please feel free to call us at 204-725-4949 if you need anything during business hours.  Alternatively, your can email us at the contact link above, or send us a message through Facebook where we'll get back to you as quickly as possible!

Preview Images Folder

This folder contains your "proofs" - the top picks from your session! They are not retouched, but have been adjusted and are color-accurate. The final images will be retouched with our "magazine-cover" treatment and rich with color in any of our archival products like prints, folios, greeting cards, and canvas collections!  While in this folder, click on an image to see it larger and choose your product or collection with a full description and pricing on the right.

Media Images Folder

After you make a purchase of print product and the images in your order are retouched, a small "media image" will be added to this folder.  These files are optimized for sharing on facebook, instagram, pintrest, email, or any other social media.  While logged in, you can download them free anytime!  All we ask is that you keep our logo visible!  We are proud of our work!

Bonus Video Folder

 If you place an order that qualifies for the bonus multi-media ($500 order or higher), it will be added to this folder!  It will contain the top images from the preview folder and will be set to music.  It will be in full HD and available for direct download!


While browsing your images, use the heart icon to make a favorites list!  It is helpful in narrowing down your top picks, and for deciding what to put in bigger products like albums.

Compare images

When you click on an image, you'll see a "compare" flag at the top.  Click on it while having different similar images open to compare them side-by-side!


You can use the social media icons to share either a single image or the whole gallery!

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